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Indigenously Developed Real Time Digital Simulator (POWERDRAW)

Source : In its present form it has the following capabilities : Adheres strictly to POSIX – compliant UNIX, X – WINDOWS and OSF – MOTIF for platform and operating system independence. Mapping of power system components to visual objects on the computer screen Constructing schematic maps of power system network with advanced features like drag & drop of various objects. Full story

The Virtual Filament Model

In the present work, a framework is proposed for studying autonomous agents which interact locally yet effect a globally coherent behavior. This problem of locally induced organization is ubiquitous in decentralized multi-robot environments and various micro- and macroscopic biological contexts (e.g., cellular chemotaxis, avian flocking). Full story

A clock controlled sun tracking system for solar photovoltaic and solar thermal collectors

The commercially available tracking systems make use of servomotors with feedback controllers, and add substantially to the overall cost of a solar energy system. They also require a power supply, and a sophisticated level of maintenance. Since the Solar energy devices are important for applications in decentralized systems, which are usually located in remote and rural areas, these two requirements are often not met. Consequently, tracking is normally dispensed with. Full story

Reliable Communication over Optical Fading Channels

In free space optical communication links, atmospheric turbulence causes random fluctuations in the refractive index of air at optical wavelengths, which in turn cause random fluctuations in the intensity and phase of a propagating optical signal. Full story

FBsim and the Fully Buffered DIMM Memory System Architecture

As DRAM device data rates increase in chase of ever increasing memory request rates, parallel bus limitations and cost constraints require a sharp decrease in load on the multi-drop buses between the devices and the memory controller, thus limiting the memory system’s scalability and failing to meet the capacity requirements of modern server and workstation applications. Full story

Virtual instrumentation: Introduction of virtual

The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is the next large particle accelerator developed at CERN, constructed to enable studies of particles. The acceleration of the particles is carried out using magnets operating at about 1.9 K, a temperature achieved by regulating flow of superfluid helium. For economical reasons, control of the helium flow is based on feedback of virtual flow meter (VFT) estimates instead of real instrumentation. Full story

Low Energy Wake-up Logic

Wake-up logic is responsible for informing instructions in the Window that are waiting to execute, about the availability of their input operands. The conventional method of wake-up consumes a significant percentage of the Instruction Window energy. Reducing the wake-up energy also addresses the Instruction Window hot spot problem caused due to the high power density of the Instruction Window. Full story

Optimization and Evaluation of Service Speed and Reliability in Modern Caching Applications

The performance of caching systems in general, and Internet caches in particular, is evaluated by means of the user-perceived service speed, reliability of downloaded content, and system scalability. In this dissertation, we focus on optimizing the speed of service, as well as on evaluating the reliability and quality of data sent to users. Full story

Solar Powered Air Conditioner

Solar Powered Air Conditioner
Summer is the time when you wished you had an Air Conditioner. But, you would rather detest the idea because of the staggering electricity bills you would get once you start using the AC. And it would be a miracle if you could use an AC without paying those hefty electricity bills. In that case, it seems a miracle has just happened! Full story

Manually Operated Paper Recycling Machine-Design

The aim of this project is to design and construct a manually operated paper recycling machine. As paper is one of the most used material in the world, the waste produced during its production, usage as well as disposal are very high. Since paper is made of natural materials its decomposition is easy. But if properly recycled, the material can be converted into ... Full story
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