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Need of the Higher Edcation : Why and How?

To compete successfully in the knowledge-based economy of the 21st century, We should not focused only Clerical Jobs but also try to be Technological Independent by providing research opportunities in India via higher studies. Full story

Why you are doing Engineering?

Engineering IQ : I defined it as the problem solving skills irrespective of the problem type. An Engineer should be able to find a solution in a giving time frame for every problem given to him. If somehow he is not able to find a proper solution in that case he must have the JUGAD(alternative way to solve the problem which will fix the issue with some limitations) Full story

MBA vs M-tech/MS – Confused ?

I believe for most of the engineering students, post graduation is a short-cut to high-salary jobs. So, most of them are not sure if they want to go for MS/MBA or M.Tech. The choice is not liking-based, but 'job prospects' based. That's why the confusion between MBA & M.Tech/MS. MBA/M-Tech – The Master of Business Administration (MBA) is a master's degree in business administration, which attracts people ... Full story

Are you going to be an IT engineer?

I might look strange to some people when I define India's IT business as "Techno Slavery", somewhere that feeling in my mind make me to start something of my own. Full story

Doing Engineering : What to do in the tough Economy?

This is the question every engineering college student is asking "What to do in the tough Economy?". So i decided to share my point of view in that. As far as I can think, i did my engineering in 2004 and seriously speaking we do not have any expectation that we will get a job with so high package. At that time the call center boom ... Full story

Good of Bad Times……..

In good economic times, everyone wants to fly or we can say everyone wants to maximize everything they had (the basics of Capitalism). Obama said that it is not the time to get into the discussion of Capitalism but I say it is the correct time to learn the lesson from the aftereffects of Capitalism. Full story

Importance of B Tech Projects

Importance of B Tech Projects
The world has become a global village. The barriers of boundaries have been practically bulldozed for the transfer of information from any part of the world to any other part. Distances have also become irrelevant and the trade barriers are also being reduced or removed completely. Globalization of trade ... Full story
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