MBA vs M-tech/MS – Confused ?

I believe for most of the engineering students, post graduation is a short-cut to high-salary jobs. So, most of them are not sure if they want to go for MS/MBA or M.Tech. The choice is not liking-based, but ‘job prospects‘ based. That’s why the confusion between MBA & M.Tech/MS.

MBA/M-Tech –

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) is a master’s degree in business administration, which attracts people from a wide range of academic disciplines.

Master of technology (M-tech) is the specialization in one topic of engineering so that one can go through the technical details. It is purely technical and involves more analysis on a topic.


The reality of Highest paying Job after MBA-
The highest paying job (after an MBA) might be in Investment Banking/Project Management etc. In those you work 20hrs a day, 7days a week and 365 a year and get paid crazy amounts of money.


So its money that drives you, remember to be in the top 5 in IIM-A,B,C
and also be prepared for the above. Only few guys from all gets these package not all. An average salary of MBA is around 5-6 in all 1st rate and 2nd rate MBA schools.


The myth of M-Tech

There are some myth like

M-tech is for faculty- Not true big companies for R&D requires M-tech and PHD people and gives high packages.

After M-tech can not go for Management – it is not true at all. People with M-tech degree also reaches to the high posts. After all good technical attitude will always help in the career growth.

B-tech & M-techs are same – It is a bit true for the kind of jobs we are having in India. These jobs are mostly service based or application development. These do not require a technical aptitude but as India grow we all need people with right technical attitude which develops in the Master programs.


Know Yourself –

Realize that the only thing that matters in life is to achieve something that you actually desire. So try and be honest with yourself. Ask yourself whether you enjoyed solving technical challenges. Ask yourself whether your dreams and hopes about engineering had anything to do with science or they were just for a good job.


Now ask yourself whether the MBA is what you really want. Do you like to make people work? Do you like to organize things? Do you always want to see yourself in front seat to make plans and do as you could have think of? Next, review your own personality and inclinations. Do you prefer being the workman as long as you have the freedom to choose your tools and your work, or do you love playing supervisor?


First decide what you want to do in your life. MBA/MS/M.Tech might be just the means to get there in shorter time. Rate yourself for the degree you are looking for, and see if you fit in any. Self-analysis is the only tool which can help you to take decision for MBA/M-tech.


The rat race for money will never-ever end, even when you got enough money to survive next 7 generations. The only things that will make you feel satisfied and happy are your
family, and the sense of achievement that your work gives you. So look inside you, feel your passion and go for that.

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