Why you are doing Engineering?

Engineering IQ : I defined it as the problem solving skills irrespective of the problem type. An Engineer should be able to find a solution in a giving time frame for every problem given to him. If somehow he is not able to find a proper solution in that case he must have the JUGAD(alternative way to solve the problem which will fix the issue with some limitations)

Why you are doing Engineering?

Last week while I was talking to one very senior faculty and discussing about the uptuplus.com, what all We are doing and what are our plans for www.uptuplus.com. I was also asking the suggestions to improve the portal. At the time of conversation, he raised a point that what all you are doing is good and might help students but the major problem is the students do not know why they are doing  engineering.

This statement clearly shows the present situation. It covers the situation that how allPappu’s are taking admission in B-tech and they think Engineering is just to have a paper printed B-tech degree on that. Now a days parents want that Pappu should be engineer because after engineering he will earn lots of money i.e. less investment higher returns……….:) . The situation of colleges are also worst and they are becoming like Share Market to buy a Bond of degree (B-tech) to get higher returns. Last 3-4 years job market for engineer was so good that it seems that returns are higher in this with less risk.

Some of my views might look strange to some people and they can argue what else they should do if not engineering. Please read below why I and my friend did engineering 8 years back.

After giving it a thought, the first question comes in my mind that why I had taken engineering as a career option in 1999 almost 10 year back. There were many factor, first was that I was good in mathematics and everybody used to tell me that I should go for engineering. Another was I had lot of charm for IIT and heard a lot about that and once my math teacher said that you have all to be an IITian. Another reason was to the charm to live in Metro city. I dreamed a college which is none other than the college in Kuch-Kuch Hota hai. Being good in mathematics and confidence of my teachers, I decided engineering as a carrer option. I left my home for preparation for IIT-JEE and rest is history.

At our time the situation of engineer were not as good as it might be 2 year back. We (me and most of my friends, only 10 out of 100 students of mathamatics batch choose engineering ) never thought that we will

be earning so much after 5-6 year. We only had the passion for mathmatics and some other dreams to fulfill, thats why decided engineering as an career option.

Today the situation is very different from our time. Demand of engineer is so high today because we were flooded with the outsourced(clerical) jobs by the developed nation. And market required only people with the degree of B-tech so that they can charge $$$$ per hour basis.

It was the year 2002-3 when we were having flood of outsourcing jobs and most of service companies wanted to be in India. It was the just the start of rainy season and till I passed out in 2004 we have seen some showers and market needs more skilled (skilled means just people with the degree) in numbers and from 2002-2003 we start seeing that every other Pappu at age of 22-23 who choose career option as B-tech was getting as much salary package per year as his father would have earned in 4-5 year or even more.
It is the time where many people would have seen a potential in education business and started their colleges. Now everybody wants engineer in their family whether he would have got 40 marks in Maths and does not have Engineer IQ. For them Pappu should be engineer because they have money to buy ohh sorry to afford the engineering degree and they have seen the returns of the degree in recent time. That’s why people are doing engineering or they are forced to do by their parents.

This situation have given dreams to so many Middle class families of India that engineering career is something which can change their fate, I will say Engineering is something which can change the luck but the person pursuing should be capabale of that. For engineering the person should have engineering aptitude  that’s why Entrance exams are all about. If that is not required IIT would be taking admissions on the basis of the 12th marks.  We people prepared for JEE and was not in that list but when we join engineering we had the aptitude to sustain in engineering though we were not in top 2500 yet we were in the list of future engineer. Engineering is not only the option available, there are some others also so better not to run in the race to be an engineering first think why you want to be an Engineer.

Now a days I am feared for the coming generation because there all are having pressure from the society, family, friends and media (by capturing high packages given in campus) that they must also earn as much as these people are doing. Sometimes they get admission but then it is very tough for them to handle the pressure of Education. Sometimes after getting degree and people do not get jobs and their family, society and relatives create pressure. The difference in the quality of qualifying educated people is making a diversification in the society which can take a danger shape in near future.

They are so many problems in India but if you ask me what is the major problem, I would definitely say that majority of Indian are in middle class and they are not skilled.

Post comment :  Why you people are doing engineering. I might be wrong in some statements but this is my personal views and I am open to discuss these.

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